July Mind, Body and Soul Goals

Can you believe that this month is almost over?! I certainly can’t. As I’ve been testing out a few blogging websites I finally have joined the Word Press crew. I’m actually really excited! It has some freedoms that a lot of the other options that I have tried just didn’t. Anywho I’m excited! Now back to doing what I love to do, writing!

Every month I always set a few goals to work on each day. Just 3, I like to keep it simple and this month has been a bit of a tough one for me.

  1. Stick to My Budget- This one is always hard for me but this month so far I have really stuck to it! I clean quite a few houses but earlier this year almost half of my clients moved when their work moved their department and things have been a bit tight. Changing my way of eating to Keto has really helped cut back on my food budget. All of my extra has been going to fixing up a house that we are moving back into by the end of August.
  2. Finish the Upstairs of the 2 Story- Already I am almost there. We’ve added a closet into our bedroom (Finally!) and have sheet rocked the whole upstairs. All that’s left is to sand and paint. I am so ready to get all of this done with and move back in!!
  3. View My Life As Busy Instead of Stressful- Life tends to throw me so many curve balls. It does that to us all doesn’t it? We still get to choose our attitude towards what comes our way and often times that decides how well it goes. So I am deciding to take it as busy instead of stressful!